How it began . . .

In 1998, I found some postcards of a monastery in Colorado along with a letter dated September, 1967. The letter was written to my father from one of the monks at the monastery. I knew my father had corresponded with Brother John, but I wondered how a disciplined Lutheran farmer in Nebraska became the friend and correspondent of a Benedictine monk in Colorado. My father had passed away, so I posed the question to my mother. She said, “the Purina salesman.” That answer brought the mental image of a dark-haired man traveling the Midwest, selling bulk feed, and finding the time to play matchmaker along the way. I thought he would make a great character in a short story. Well, the story turned into a novel and somewhere in the thought process, a probation officer named Gillian Jones stepped into the picture. And so began “The Fatal Heir,” the first book in the Gillian Jones Mystery Series. Four more books have joined that first one. I hope you enjoy reading them!



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