The Gillian Jones Series

A car accident shattered the ankle and first marriage of probation officer Gillian Jones. In her mid-thirties, she's remarried and walking again - albeit without high heels. Her small-town life would be perfect, if only she could get pregnant.

The Fatal Heir


Gillian's mother-in-law and one of the Jackson County commissioners hatch a plan that will enable Gillian and her husband, Clint, to afford the next step in fertility treatment: she needs to find the biological parents of commissioner Howard Mehrman's adopted daughter, Caroline. With only one concrete fact to go on - Caroline  was left at a Colorado monastery in 1967 - Gillian heads for Aspen. Unfortunately, no one at the monastary remembers any such event - or so they say. When a monk goes missing and a ​woman is murdered, Gillian has second thoughts. She can't turn back, though, since most of Bend Brook has taken bets on whether she'll be able to solve the case. As she uncovers past events that lead to the discovery of Caroline's true identity, Gillian realizes that sometimes the perfect family is the one you already have.  

The Burden of Truth


Probation officer Gillian Jones knows that something drove her client, 17-year-old Jessica Coffers, to abandon her newborn baby. Even through Jessica is now raising the rescued infant, some people in Bend Brook, Nebraska are pressuring the county attorney to file additional charges. Jessica's guardians want to put the baby up for adoption to avoid the controversy, and Gillian would love to adopt the child.

Bob Johanson has cancer and needs some answers about his deceased daughter before he dies. Over twenty years ago someone attempted to rape his daughter and used her childhood nickname. Bob wants Gillian to identify the rapist. Gillian thinks it's a lost cause until she asks the county attorney for old police reports. When the county attorney is found dead, Jessica is the prime suspect, but Gillian knows the killer sought the old police reports that would identify the rapist. As Gillian struggles to uncover the truth, she finds the questions painful and the answers deadly. 

The State of Grace

Just when probation officer Gillian Jones thought she'd created a family, her foster daughter, Jessica, decides to move away for college. Adding to Gillian's angst is a letter from the father she hasn't seen in twenty years informing her of a pending visit, and a new probation client: the mean and narcissistic Beau Baxter. Feeling overwhelmed, Gillian puts her plan to pursue fertility treatment on hold. When Beau is murdered, she delves into the past, realizing she'll need to act quickly to prevent another murder. ​

The Color of Honey

A mistake in the lab finds another woman carrying probation officer Gillian Jones' baby. Gillian and her husband, Clint, assure the surrogate mother that they'll love the baby, but the surrogate mother has her doubts. Gillian desperately wants the child, but when her ex-husband is murdered, Gillian is considered a suspect by  the surrogate mother. Gillian needs to find the true killer so she can clear her own name and have the baby that will make her life complete.